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Hello - Welcome to your SEO Consultant!

Find out why I became an SEO consultant here

Welcome to The Keyword Witch, where I work my SEO magic to help small businesses reach new heights online, providing cheap SEO packages! I'm Amber, and I'm on a mission to empower businesses like yours with the spell of search engine optimization.

My Journey: From Mild Small Business Success to SEO Sorcery

In a previous chapter of my life, not so long ago, I successfully steered my small business of making miniature, custom pet sculptures through the world of Google SEO and social media.

Seeing the remarkable power of SEO, I was driven to master this mystical art as I could not afford the SEO guidance that was out there, nor have the time for an SEO consultant - as I work a full time job as well!

Guided only by my determination and a thirst for knowledge, I began my quest to unravel then secrets and sequence of the search engine algorithms in order to help my small pet sculpture business.

Through perseverance and countless hours of self learning, I managed to achieve incredible results. (Incredible for me of course, a little small business owner that had no knowledge of any of this prior to starting!) 

My efforts landed my small business within the top 10 rankings for not just one, but three keywords! The average position reached was 16, (below Etsy listings, Amazon, etc.). My organic traffic grew steadily and the impressions soared. (impressions are when the site is seen on the search results).

A Snippet of SEO Clicks and Impressions from My Old Small Business

Data from September 2022 to November 2022, when I just started noticing the results and pay-off from my SEO work - look at that climb! 

November/December 2022 was the peak for my SEO, but unfortunately I never captured this.

Harnessing the Powers of Experience and Education

While my self-taught journey was awe-inspiring, I understood the importance for small businesses to have access to SEO consultants and help, which is why I have been formalizing my expertise. I  am pursuing this passion with dedication, so far earning two CPD-certified certificates in SEO courses. I am currently undertaking a comprehensive SEO course to attain a formal qualification in SEO.


These certificates are my commitment to keeping up with the ever-evolving digital world.

Currently, I'm gaining knowledge and experiencing by being readily available and highly affordable for small businesses, offering cheap SEO packages while I study.

My endeavors are not just for personal gain; it's a promise to you, my fellow business owners, that I'll always strive to use and apply up-to-date strategies to ensure your small business SEO success.

My Purpose: Guiding Your Small Business Through the SEO Enchantment

With my new business, The Keyword Witch, my true purpose is this: I'm here to guide and assist small businesses through the labyrinth of SEO and reap the results as I once did.


Whether you find yourself pressed for time, baffled by the complexities, or simply prefer to leave it to a capable hand, I'm here to help as an SEO consultant for you and your small business.

With a unique blend of my own experience, formal education, and an promising commitment to your success, I'm dedicated to offering personalized, cheap SEO packages and strategies that work like enchantments. Together, we'll walk the path to higher rankings, increased visibility, and a thriving online presence.

So, if you're seeking to rise through the ranks and transform the success of your small business with super cheap SEO services like no other, join me on this wonderful journey. Let's work our magic and transform your online presence into something truly extraordinary.

Have Questions? Please Get In Touch!

I usually respond within a few hours!

or find me on most socials: @thekeywordwitch

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