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2 Ways a Website can Become Popular and Gain Traffic!

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

We can all name a few popular websites on the spot, but how do they get there, and how do you make your own website popular? Find out about two essential pieces to increase website traffic below!

What is Search Engine Optimization, and How Can It Help Bring Website Traffic?

Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, makes it possible for users browsing the likes of Google to find what they are looking for efficiently. It is an essential part of any online business, blog or website to increase their website’s traffic.

If you search for a product on Google right now, the top website links are optimized for that phrase or word and no doubt have a lot of visitors or ‘traffic.’

Instinctively, you are likely to only click on the first few sites instead of endlessly scrolling through the whole of Google.

If you have not implemented any SEO strategies on your site, your site is probably on a later page of the search results that will hardly anyone will persist in searching to find your site. This is why SEO is critical!

A women searching graphs and data on laptop, looking at website traffic
SEO can help increase website traffic, gaining more visitors and potentially sales

What is involved in Search Engine Optimization?

- On-page SEO – things such as content, keywords, meta titles and descriptions, images

- Off-page SEO – including strategies such as social media, backlinks

Building Your Brand for the Website Traffic To Notice

While SEO can bring in passive website traffic once implemented, building a noticeable brand enhances its popularity and contributes to its long-term success and traction. After all, they are things we notice the most!

Having certain aspects of your business stand out will help with trustworthiness and recognizability and ultimately draw users to a website, increasing traffic.

For instance, if you want to find out some information about a particular animal species or an old movie, you probably recognize that Wikipedia will be there waiting on the search results, likely to have the answer to your question. And IKEA probably comes to mind when you think of flat-packed furniture.

These companies have built a recognizable brand for their products or services, luring us with their branding, so we will use them or go to their website instead of lesser-known companies.

Look at your business’s logo, colours, slogan, social media, and website:

- Is it clear who the target audience is?

- Are visitors going to know what to expect?

- Is your message clear in what and why you sell/promote?

- Does your content make visitors want to interact further?

Build a clear brand to gain website traffic and keep visitors, increasing your website's popularity! SEO and branding go hand in hand to make a website popular.

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Article written by Amber Thorne – The Keyword Witch

“Hey there, thanks for reading! I’m here to help small businesses with all things SEO to increase website traffic when they cannot invest in agencies and well-known consultants. With our affordable, time-saving, and self-learning SEO services, be the best and rank the highest you possibly can at your pace!”

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